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Under Review

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Working Papers

Lynching and State Intervention in Mexico

Making or Breaking the Rule of Law? Attitudes toward Vigilante Crime Control in Mexico.

Human Rights Backlash from Below: Citizen Deliberations on Justice during Criminal Wars.

The limits of deliberation: A field experiment on criminal justice preferences in Mexico (with Omar García-Ponce, Lauren Young, and Thomas Zeitzoff).

Work in progress

The Causes and Effects of Lynchings in Mexico (with Sandra Ley & Lauren Young).

Ethically Measuring Violence (with Graeme Blair, Sandra Ley, Rebecca Littman, Andrés Moya, Elayne Stecher, & Lauren Young).

Political Science Research, Generalizability, and Policy Engagement (with Julie Weaver).

Empirical Evidence to Improve Informed Consent in the Social Sciences (with Sebastian Karcher, Dessislava Kirilova, and Derek Robey).

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